How To Mount or Hang Your Sign?

Your sign is like a beautiful painting, but even easier to hang 😎.

You have 3 options :

  1. Mount it to the wall
  2. Hang it from the ceiling
  3. Use 3M Stripes

If you can not mount or hang your sign, we can offer you a stand option.


In your box you will find the screw set that's tailored to your sign. This will allow you to easily mount your sign to the wall.

It will look like this :

If your sign is thin and tiny, we will provide you with an adapted set of screws :

If you want, you can also add some 3M Stripe to your free screw kit (optional) +$10

Here are the steps on how to mount the sign with 3M stripe:


It is also possible to hang your sign from the ceiling. Just mention it, and we will pre-drill the support accordingly and provide you with the suspension rope.

If you have nowhere to install it, and you need a stand, we've got you covered!

3M Stripes

Discover here how to install your sign with 3M stripes

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