Colored and Printed Boards

There is no limit to your imagination 🦄

So we want to help push it as far as we can!

​Now you can combine our LED neon tubing with customized acrylic board. You can chose the shape, size, color, or even add an image! 

Here are a few examples of a customized colored acrylic board.

Solid color printed on acrylic board :

Choose any image and we will print it on the board :

These examples have an images printed on the acrylic board.

And a small print on the sign can give it a whole new dimension...

Black printed onto a transparent acrylic board with pink neon tube :

A custom Pantone color printed on the board along with white tube and the girly pink tube :

Have fun, get creative 👩‍🎤

We also have 2 type of mirror backing :

Silver :


Black backing

Red backing

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